Respecting Family Capital.

Our philosophy is based on the methods pioneered in the last century by the best of the best.

Founded by Scott Forbes, who began his career in the financial services industry in 1987.

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Generational Wealth

Generational wealth.

Money can take a working lifetime to accumulate and can be lost very quickly through poor advice or unnecessary risk taking.

The most important factor in generating and maintaining long term wealth is to try and avoid losing it in the first place.

At Clan Capital Management our primary focus is on the protection and growth of wealth for a small group of clients ranging from high net wealth individuals and families through to superannuation funds and trusts.

Calculated decision making.

We do not subscribe to the belief that the ‘young’ can take more risk than the ‘elderly’. We endeavour to lower the risk of capital loss for all clients.

We spend time educating our clients and work closely with them in building and protecting a solid foundation.

We believe that both investment risk and anxiety can be greatly reduced simply by understanding what you own.

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