Drawing from expert methods.

Our philosophy is based on the methods pioneered in the last century by the likes of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Phillip Fisher and Peter Lynch.

Our aim is to seek and purchase shares in quality businesses for our clients. We believe that every business has an intrinsic value and quite often the share price is not a reflection of this value.

Peter Lynch

Go for a business any idiot can run because sooner or later, any idiot probably is going to run it.

– Peter Lynch

Long term investment approach.

Our investment approach is only suitable for patient long term investors who are accepting of market volatility through the comfort of understanding what they own.

Constructing an individual client portfolio can take time as we prefer to hold cash rather than feel pressured to fill it with overvalued or under performing assets.

We are conservative by nature and believe in keeping things simple and transparent.

Operations for profit should be based not on optimism but arithmetic.

– Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham

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